7-Day Akashic Guided Journey

Journey into the Akashic Records daily for 7 days visiting topics like Improving your Relationships, Increasing Abundance, Healing Past Traumas, Letting Go of Resentment, Finding Purpose, Collapsing Timelines, and a celebratory final journey!
A special 7-day guided Akashic experience. When you sign up you will get instant access to the first journey. Then every day after you will receive access to the next guided experience.

Each journey is approximately 12 minutes long and guided by Vanessa Lambert.

Hi, I'm Vanessa

My mission is to support medicine women, metaphysical mavens, and conscious creators on their journey to up-leveling their spiritual intelligence and becoming a powerful contribution to the planet

I am passionate about working with heart-centered humans to cultivate a deeply connected and authentic life. 

As I worked to build my own intuitive abilities, I found myself developing an arsenal of supportive tools that increased and expanded over the years.

I have practiced deeply in many physical, spiritual, and energetic modalities, and I have put two decades of deep commitment into creating a life and business guided by psychic awareness, energy medicine, and soul-centered creation.
I have continued to seek every corner of spiritual technology to help me better navigate the human experience and pay forward the wisdom and knowledge I have gained along the way.

By helping my clients gain mastery over their mindset through coaching, courses, and retreats, I have created tools and guidance for living a centered, abundant, joyful life.
Mind Blowing! What I realized most importantly is that I have gone through my entire life, 58 years only hearing with my ears. I didn't know I could listen with my whole body until today.
That is such a gift, that changes everything. 
It's not so much what you want to do, but who you need to be to do those things. I need to be someone incredibly confident.

Julia S

Everything is energy. I have been on this spiritual path for quite some time & when you get into your power, you come from your heart and you engage in all these things. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Maria G

The series was very eye opening for me. It made me realize that most of the time I operate from a place of fear. I just think I can do better, and operate from a place of confidence, power, and all of the good stuff. I am ready to step forward and claim my power.

Lili M

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