Akashic Journey
An Introduction to the Akashic Records

Journey into the Akashic Field and learn about this ancient wisdom body. Discover how the Akashic occurs for you, how you interface with it, and what special messages may want to come through to support you.
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The benefits you can expect from this Journey

A sense of calm and healing

Spending time in the Akashic Field is a restorative and healing experience.  Feel calm, connected and centered after each guided experience. 

Deeper awareness of life's most important themes

Journey into themes like time, money, relationships, healing, purpose and releasing resentment to find a new awareness of what the Akashic Field can share with you around some of life's most important themes. 

Identify what's holding you back

In this potent journey you may discover what's blocking you or holding you back from progress in certain areas of your life.

Build your relationship with the Akashic field

Simply get to know the Akashic energy more. Start to understand what the Akashic Field and how they want to communicate important messages to you. 
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How our Akashic Introduction Works

  • Once you enroll, you'll be guided to the Akashic Journey and receive an email with a direct link for easy access.
  • When you are ready to start your Journey, we recommend you find a quiet setting where you can relax.
  • Once you are in a comfy and relaxing environment you can start the Journey, sit back and enjoy the experience.
  • At the end of your Journey you'll have the opportunity to access additional guided Akashic Journeys. 

What to expect in your first Akashic Journey

- 01

Introduction to the Clairs

Meet the various levels of sentience and how you may interface with the Akashic field. 
- 02

Honoring the Akashic Field

Learn why it's important to treat the Akashic field with reverence and how to set yourself up for the deepest experience. 
- 03

It's Not a Psychic Reading

Learn why working with the Akashic field is not the same as a psychic reading and how to best receive the energy of the Akashic transmission. 
- 04

Short Guided Journey

Take your first guided journey and feel the energy of the Akashic field open for you!

Our students love us  

Do not hesitate, join immediately. Vanessa is one of the best, most beautiful, knowledgeable, amazing teachers. If you are ready for a deep dive into all things possible, join immediately.

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