Your Business Has A Chakra System

Learn to identify signs of chakra imbalances and techniques to realign them, fostering a harmonious flow of energy conducive to innovation and success.

January 28, 2024 at 10am MST

Elevate Your Soul-Led Business Acumen
with Ancient Energy Systems.

Have you ever felt like your business is capable of so much more, but something seems to be holding it back? The missing link might just be hidden within the energy centers of your business – the chakras!

A thriving business where creativity flows effortlessly, commitment is unwavering, and every element works in perfect harmony. That's the business YOU deserve, and it all starts with understanding the chakra system of your business.

Let's face it, we've all experienced those moments of confusion or chaos, uncertainty and commitment struggles, and a general lack of flow in our businesses. It's frustrating and can leave you questioning if there's a way to break through to a higher level of success.

Join me in this powerful Masterclass, where I'll unravel the intricate threads of creativity, commitment, and excellence, exploring how the chakras influence every aspect of your business journey.

If you can't make it to the live Masterclass, replay will be available for 48 hours for free. Alternatively, upgrade for lifetime access for $88

How do your Chakras Impact Your Soul-Led Business?

  • This isn't just another class; it's an invitation to explore the spiritual anatomy of your business.

    🌟 Discover Your Business's Chakra System: Dive into the mystical realm where each chakra, from the grounding root to the visionary crown, reflects a vital element of your entrepreneurial path. Together, we'll uncover how these energy centers shape everything from your core values to your loftiest goals

    🔮 Akashic Exploration for Business Alignment: Join me on a unique guided voyage into the Akashic records to reveal your business's chakra system. This exploration will shed light on the core frequencies present in your business, identifying areas for energy development and alignment, and connecting you deeply with your business's spiritual core

    🌀 Chakra Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success: Master the art of harmonizing and aligning your business chakras with your entrepreneurial vision. We'll explore practical methods for tuning each chakra to meet the specific needs of your business, fostering a balanced, effective, and spiritually congruent operation.

    Chakra Attunement for Your Venture: As a special gift, I'm offering you a free guided meditation for tuning your chakras. This meditation is designed to harmonize the energy within each chakra, aligning you more closely with the essence of your business. By fine-tuning these energies, you'll find yourself more in sync with your business's rhythm and better equipped to embody the frequency of your mission.

This masterclass is a transformative journey, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to integrate your business practices with chakra energies. Join me to harness this profound wisdom, creating a business environment that thrives on success and is deeply rooted in spiritual connection.

Hi, I'm Vanessa!

My mission is to support medicine women, metaphysical mavens, and conscious creators on their journey to up-leveling their spiritual intelligence and becoming a powerful contribution to the planet.

I am passionate about working with heart-centered humans to cultivate a deeply connected and authentic life. 

As I worked to build my own intuitive abilities, I found myself developing an arsenal of supportive tools that increased and expanded over the years. I have practiced deeply in many physical, spiritual, and energetic modalities, and I have put decades into deep commitment creating a life and business guided by psychic awareness, energy medicine, and soul-centered creation. I have continued to seek every corner of spiritual technology to help me better navigate the human experience and pay forward the wisdom and knowledge I have gained along the way.

By helping my clients gain mastery over their mindset through coaching, courses, and retreats, I have created tools and guidance for living a centered, abundant, joyful life.
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What other soulpreneurs have experienced...

I hadn't been able to find it to now being able to see money as just the stream of energy. And I don't need to hold on to it.  Honestly, it feels like anything that I really care about and I truly love and am ready to give to this world,  the opportunity is there.
The opportunities that are flooding in are just endless and it's so much just joy to get to experience them.

 To put it like simply, this is by far the best year I've ever had in my life - the most joy, the most peace, the most authentic, the most money I've ever made in my life!

Even the opportunities I see every single day it's just insane. I wish I could pull you and come be in my body so you can feel what it feels like.

The program helped me see the possibilities that were always there but just out of my sight. I was constantly hustling, trying to grow my business. It was rewarding, but I always felt like I was just a step away from truly realizing my potential.
I hit my first million-dollar year. It was a milestone I had dreamed of but wasn't sure how to achieve.

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