The Starseed Collective membership

Transform your life with a more profound sense of spiritual connection, consciousness and sisterhood.


Embrace the power


Harness the life-giving elements


Live in greater awareness


your fellow Starseed sisters


embody your divine energy
We are the Starseed Collective… A monthly membership designed to help you deeply connect with yourself, awaken your consciousness, and embody your divine energy.
Join your teacher Vanessa 
and come home to your mind, body and soul. 
Heighten your states of energy and perception with focused Kundalini teachings, supported by the unique frequency and resonance of specific crystal energy.
Tap into the benefits of intuitive astrological events with practical insights for your life, with projected monthly forecasts and insights to support our teachings and practices.
We will help you focus your mind and  connect with yourself and your body through an intentional practice that will continue to guide you forward.
Get the practical AND spiritual direction and true support you need… 
with honesty, love, and compassion, in a safe and sacred container.
This is a membership tailored to uplift and attune you with your dharmic path. Cultivate a more profound sense of spiritual connection and purpose with support from a close knit community of your fellow Starseed sisters. We will share inspiration, dreams and goals, so that we may all rise together.
This monthly mentorship comes complete with live teachings,
curated guest expert sessions and a large library of resources
built from years of experience.
Our sisterhood is a heart-centered, supportive space created to:
  • Give you the knowledge and tools to move through whatever themes and cycles of energy are coming 
  • Step into a path of clarity, support, and inner wisdom.
You will:
Receive carefully chosen Kundalini teachings to support you on your monthly journey.
Get a deep dive into a specific crystal with supporting properties to match the celestial theme for each month.
Gain a better understanding of astrological events and their effect and impact, to be in tune with your potential and opportunities.

By becoming a member, you will enjoy access to perks such as:

Unlimited access to all materials in our private platform

Weekly blasts with up-to-date reminders

The Starstream:

  • Live monthly ceremonies
  • A guided meditation library
  • Curated playlists for ceremony and yoga practices  
  • Recorded workshops and teachings
  • Bonus presentations & trainings

Special events

Discussion groups

Discounted access to paid events

and so much more. 

Join us and connect to a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.
Tap into your power, frequency, love, and alignment.
HI! I’m Vanessa.
I believe we have been called by something divine to fulfill our missions and grow our innate gifts. 
As I worked to build my own intuitive abilities, I found myself developing an arsenal of supportive tools that increased and expanded over the years. I have practiced deeply in many physical, spiritual, and energetic modalities, and I have put two decades of deep commitment into creating a life and business guided by psychic awareness, energy medicine, and heart-centered creation. 
I love to help women push past personal boundaries, express their true selves, leap into adventure, and enjoy life to the fullest. By helping my clients gain mastery over their mindset through coaching, courses, and retreats, I have created tools and given guidance for living a centered, abundant, authentic life. 
Now for the first time, I have created a membership program for heart-centred women—to help you access your own divine wisdom and higher calling. This Collective has been lovingly crafted from my 20+ years of experience, and supplemented with the wisdom and knowledge of carefully vetted experts. 
Just imagine... 

Understanding the energies working WITH you and around you, paving a path to deeper connection and purpose… tuning you into more of who you truly are. Aligning you with your soul’s energy on a beautiful, innate level. 

Having the support and guidance of a collective of heart-centered women… especially when life is challenging.
Now is the time to step into your path of healing, wisdom, and alignment.
  • Dive deep into Kundalini Yoga teachings
  • Learn to work with the healing energy of crystals
  • Tap into the guidance of celestial events
  • Connect with your celestial family
  • Activate the energy within you
  • Make divine and celestially informed decisions  
  • Direct the life you desire

Who is this membership for?

-If you want powerful guidance and support from a close-knit group of soul-aligned women

-If you want to understand celestial events so you can gain a better understanding of astrological impacts on your life

-If you’re looking for the direction of a devotional teacher and other experts to guide you with beneficial instruction and practices throughout the year

This is for you!
(YES, you!)


A safe and sacred space of unconditional love, support, that is free from judgement.
The Membership at a glance

Supportive Kundalini Practice

Crystal energy instruction

Community led content and presenters

Discounted access to paid events

Guidance on astrological & celestial events

Live ceremonies every month

Bonus presentations and trainings

Bonus content library and playlists

Here is how you can join us :


Billed Monthly
  • The Starstream
  • Special events
  • weekly blasts
  • discounted access to paid events


Billed annually
  • The Starstream
  • Special events
  • weekly blasts
  • discounted access to paid events
  • Additional 10% off select courses and events

meta physical

Membership + Crystals!
Billed monthly
  • The Starstream
  • Special events
  • weekly blasts
  • discounted access to paid events
  • $50 gift card each month for crystals

meta physical

Membership + Crystals!
Billed annually
  • The Starstream
  • Special events
  • weekly blasts
  • discounted access to paid events
  • $50 gift card each month for crystals
  • $200 gift card each year for crystals
Show up more fully in your being, your intentions, and your interactions.
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