This is Manifestation like You’ve Never Experienced: Prosperity & Wealth Wisdom

Now is not the time to give up on manifesting. If you’ve “tried everything”
and it hasn’t locked into place for you, there’s a missing piece to experiencing the true essence of prosperity.

This course will show you how to adapt manifestation as a way of life that invites all flavors of abundance and wealth to align with your most authentic self.

This is a wholesale shift into how you create
& attract prosperity into your life

You are here to break through wealth blocks.

Are you tired of feeling like there's more to life and business than what you're currently experiencing?

Do you have an internal voice telling you that you were meant for more? And meant to earn more?

Expanding your business isn’t just boosting revenue; it requires you to broaden your influence and seize control over the lifestyle you aspire to lead.  

You don’t need more passion; you need a plan that aligns with your heart and soul purpose.

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You dream of building a business that not only sustains you financially but also nourishes your spirit.

You long to create a heart-centered venture that resonates with your true essence, where every client interaction, every project undertaken, is a reflection of your authentic self.

In your ideal world, money flows effortlessly, not as a measure of success but as a natural consequence of living in alignment with your purpose. You crave the freedom to pursue your passions without financial constraints, knowing that abundance is your birthright and prosperity is a state of being, not just a destination.

You envision a life where work feels like play, where every endeavor is infused with joy and fulfillment, and where success is defined by the impact you make rather than the numbers on your bank statement.

Above all, you aspire to live a life of abundance in every sense of the word—financially, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. You seek a sense of wholeness and harmony that transcends material wealth, knowing that true prosperity is found within, and that when you align with your highest purpose, the universe conspires to support you in miraculous ways.

I’m here to take you to the next level of
manifestation and abundance!

I understand the frustration of feeling like you've tried every manifestation technique out there, only to see minimal or temporary results.

You've spent countless hours visualizing, affirming, and setting intentions, only to be met with disappointment when your desired outcomes fail to materialize. It's disheartening to pour your energy into manifesting your dreams, only to feel like you're hitting a brick wall at every turn.

But what if I told you that the key to unlocking true abundance lies not in mastering more manifestation techniques, but in aligning with your heart?

What if I told you that by tapping into the power of your inner wisdom and connecting with the universal flow of abundance, you can finally break free from the cycle of struggle and effortlessly attract the wealth and opportunities you desire?

Living a life of wealth and abundance, filled with purpose and joy is available to everyone. You just have to choose it.

Hi, I'm Vanessa

My mission is to support medicine women, metaphysical mavens, and conscious creators on their journey to up-leveling their spiritual intelligence and becoming a powerful contribution to the planet.

I am passionate about working with heart-centered humans to cultivate a deeply connected and authentic life. 
As I worked to build my own intuitive abilities, I found myself developing an arsenal of supportive tools that increased and expanded over the years.

I have practiced deeply in many physical, spiritual, and energetic modalities, and I have put two decades of deep commitment into creating a life and business guided by psychic awareness, energy medicine, and soul-centered creation

 I have continued to seek every corner of spiritual technology to help me better navigate the human experience and pay forward the wisdom and knowledge I have gained along the way.
By helping my clients gain mastery over their mindset through coaching, courses, and retreats, I have created tools and guidance for living a centered, abundant, joyful life.
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Step into a realm where spiritual wisdom meets tangible prosperity.


Prosperity and Wealth Wisdom- Manifesting Abundance with
Authentic Alignment

  We will work with manifestation techniques that push you into new levels of frequency and then steady those new frequencies in the neutral mind. A place where you can effortlessly hold those new patterns.

  We will kill shame patterns that rob you of your willingness to take a risk and put yourself out there.

  We will discover how to steady ourselves when we are going through our next level upgrade. Hint hint: this is where most people lose the plot on manifestation and give up right before they breakthrough.

  We will explore themes like expanding your subtle field to be able to hold more prosperity because guess what? You can only attract what you can hold.

 We will be looking at language patterns and how they effect our wealth attraction. Sound and vibration create everything.

  We will build out your abundance mantra playlist, giving you the specific mantras that meet your unique manifestation needs.

  We will be rewiring historical and ancestral lack patterns breaking the poverty curse once and for all.

  We will create a vision that goes beyond your current perception of what is possible optimizing your ability to feel safe and connected to a level of prosperity that hasn't previously been accessible to you.

 We be collapsing timelines to place you firmly on a frequency of your next level wealth attainment.

 We will be optimizing for the 80/20 rule 80% energy and 20% action to get you skyrocketing into new levels of prosperity.

  You will be given specific kundalini yoga practices that bring in wealth and tone your chakra system to hold it.
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This will be a guided journey like none other you have taken in your life.

With Akashic Architectural upgrades, Kundalini Yogic practices, mantra and sound current training, even energy gridding of your space can change the flow of wealth.

How you do anything is how you do everything. In order to call in and resonate with your next level wealth you are going to make some structural upgrades to your reality.

This is a total system reboot with four live sessions and daily guided Akashic upgrades to do in your own time.

Early bird bonus access to the Akashic timeline collapsing ceremony ($250 value)

The Benefits You Can Expect From This Journey

True Wealth Understanding:

Grasp the difference between mere monetary accumulation and genuine wealth that resonates with your essence.

Elevated Self-Awareness:

Recognize and clear the mental clutter, enabling you to focus on what truly matters and manifest with clarity.

Manifestation Mastery:

Learn to harness the power of your thoughts and desires, turning them into tangible abundance.

Holistic Prosperity:

 Embrace a life where wealth is not just about financial abundance but encompasses health, relationships, and spiritual alignment.

Manifestation is not just magic, this is a practical way to call in the abundance you require, I'll say that again that you REQUIRE to support your mission.

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How the Program Works

  • Once you enroll, you'll receive an email with a direct link for easy access.
  • Each class will be recorded live on Zoom. Replays will be available if student cannot attend live.
  • The course consists of three 1-hour classes, which will be taught in a one-directional format but will include a real-time chat feature for interaction. 
  • The fourth class will be dedicated to a live Q&A session, allowing participants to seek clarifications and delve deeper into the topics discussed.

What to Expect When You Dive Deep into the Essence of True Wealth and Prosperity that Resonates with Your Soul.

- 01

The Essence of Money:

Delve into the distinction between having dollars and being wealthy.
- 02

The Power of Perception:

Understand how our perception of wealth influences our experiences and interactions.
- 03

Harnessing Energy:

Learn about the importance of managing the energy of your thoughts and the impact on your wealth and abundance.
- 04

Practical Techniques: 

Engage in meditative practices designed to align you with the frequency of abundance and prosperity.

Prosperity is not just money.
It's a state of being.

It's a location energetically and if you want to be wealthy and prosperous you need to understand how to exist in that location.

Within three months current Priestess Path attendees have witnessed things like $40,000 + unexpected evidence coming in. With one being gifted half ownership in a million-dollar boat.
Previous Priestess Path evidence totals $ 694,000 to $ 1.8 million

But, don't take our words for it...

What Our Students are Saying...  

This has been a life changing experience for me and I’m so glad I listened to my Higher Self to invest in me and my growth.

The support, community, and love I have received from this amazing group of ladies and my wonderful teacher Vanessa, has been nothing less than absolutely magical and divine.

I have grown in my relationship with myself, my practice, my own heart and in my relationship with others and I will forever be grateful.

If anyone is thinking about or wondering if they should commit… Do it!! Because you will not regret it.

I hit my first million-dollar year. It was a milestone I had dreamed of but wasn't sure how to achieve. The program helped me see the possibilities that were always there but just out of my sight. I learned how to leverage my unique strengths and started creating new streams of income. It was like uncovering hidden treasures within my own business.

The journey has been about so much more than financial success; it's been about stepping into my full potential. Today, I see myself not just as a business owner but as a visionary leader creating a legacy. The program didn't just teach me business strategies; it taught me how to live a life aligned with my deepest values and aspirations.

Money has always been on my mind. When faced with a significant financial commitment, I found myself wondering where the funds would come from and how best to use them.

Despite initial hesitation due to financial constraints, investing in this opportunity has proven to be incredibly rewarding.

Not only has it provided tangible returns, but it has also transformed my perspective on money.

I've shifted from a scarcity mindset to viewing money as a flowing energy. By embracing this mindset, I've witnessed a multitude of opportunities flooding in, bringing joy and fulfillment to my life.


When we change our subconscious and unconscious thought patterns to allow for more abundance there is a wholesale shift in our magnetic energy field.

Break free from the shackles of scarcity and step into the abundant flow of the universe.

Your desires are not just fantasies but divine messages guiding you towards your highest potential. Release the myth that manifesting wealth requires sacrifice and struggle.

It's time to align your intentions with the infinite abundance of the cosmos and unlock the doors to unparalleled prosperity

This isn't just a one time meet your monthly financial goal, this is an entirely new way to engage with manifestation and prosperity.
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