Unleashing the Resonance of
Sound in Branding

This course delves deep into the essence of sound current, exploring its profound impact on human perception and emotions. It unveils the intricate ways sound can be harnessed to elevate brand identity, enhance customer engagement, and create immersive experiences.

Participants will learn to utilize sound's vibrational energy to resonate with audiences, optimizing brand and marketing endeavors.

Discover the transformative power of sound and elevate your brand's influence through harmonious integration!
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Sign Your Dream Clients with Ease Through the Resonance of Sound. 

You’re doing all the content - posts, emails, stories, DM’s - and sharing your heart with your audience. But something isn’t landing.

Your current audience isn’t the right fit and the ideal clients you dream of seem no where to be seen. You can blame the algorithm (we all do it), but if you’re not signing soulmate clients, your brand message isn’t clear or landing with the right energy.

To articulate your brand's voice with precision and vibrancy, your sound expression and chakra system must be in total alignment with your audience. There is a profound connection between the imbalance of sound creation and the chakras that prevents the stronger, more heartfelt connection you desire with your audience. Through this course, you will master these systems so that your message resonates deeply and authentically with your audience. And, of course, so you can close more dream clients.

Aligning Your Message with Impact

Where You Are Now:

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Struggling to feel that your messaging resonates with your target audience.
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Frustration from investing time and creative energy without seeing meaningful engagement or response.
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Feeling that your communication efforts are often overlooked or misunderstood, leading to missed opportunities.
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Uncertainty about how to emotionally connect with and impact your ideal clients through your messaging.

Where You Want to Be:

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Confidently crafting content that speaks directly and powerfully to your ideal client.
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Experiencing the satisfaction of your messages not only being heard but also making a positive impact.
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Utilizing your creative energy efficiently, ensuring that every piece of communication is impactful and resonant.
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Establishing a deep, emotional connection with your audience, leading to increased brand loyalty and client engagement.

My Own Story

I know firsthand the bewildering dance of communication – those moments when your words hit the mark perfectly, resonating like a well-struck chord, versus times when you feel like you're speaking a foreign language, desperately trying to bridge a gap that seems to widen with every word. This was my world: a pendulum swinging between triumph and perplexity, between connection and disconnection and the thing was it didn’t just effect my audience, it effected me.

I remember the frustration, the sense of trying to figure it out. Sometimes, it felt like a game of chance, wondering if my message would land or drift off into the void. The question that constantly haunted me was, "Why does it work sometimes and not others?"

It wasn't just about mastering the art of expressing myself publicly, it was something deeper, more intrinsic.
The Realization: Beyond Words to Energy Projection.

The breakthrough came when I realized that effective communication was not just about the words I chose, but about the energy behind them. I had this inkling, this sense that there was more at play – an energy projection that was either aligning with my audience or missing the mark entirely. But the puzzle was how to harness this energy, how to ensure that it always worked in my favor.

The Journey to Understanding: Unlocking the Power of Sound Current
My journey to clarity began with an exploration into the realm of sound current. I learned that our words carry an energy that resonates far beyond their literal meaning, an energy that is deeply intertwined with our inner chakras. It was an eye-opening revelation – understanding that the way I projected my thoughts and feelings through sound could dramatically alter their reception.

This knowledge transformed my approach to communication. I began to see the patterns, the way certain energies aligned with specific chakras, and how this alignment influenced the way my message was received. It was no longer a game of chance; it was a strategic, mindful approach to connecting with my audience.

Your Path to Resonant Communication
Now, I want to share this journey with you. If you've ever felt that your message was lost in translation, or if you've tasted the sweet victory of a perfectly resonant communication, this course is your roadmap to consistency and depth in your messaging.

Join me in discovering how to tune your communication to the right frequency, ensuring your words always find their home.

The Benefits You Can Expect From This Journey

✔️ Deep Dive into Sound Currents:

Explore the concept of sound currents and their impact on us, understanding how every action, thought, and creation emits a sound current.

Learn how to tune into various sounds and discern the chakras they are associated with, understanding where the energy of the sound current resides.

✔️ Practical Application and Awareness:

Develop an awareness of how sound current is influencing energy and communication around us, and how we can leverage this knowledge to communicate more effectively.

Learn how to project your reality through your sound current and take command over it, choosing the right chakra and sound current for different situations.

✔️ Chakra and Sound Interaction:

Study the interaction between different chakras and sound currents, learning how to modulate between them to change the message and energy being conveyed.

Discover how masterful individuals, including musicians and politicians, utilize the knowledge of chakras and sound currents to influence and create impactful experiences.

✔️ Impactful Sound Projection:

 Understand the power and impact of projecting sound from different chakras, and how it can leave a mark and attract or repel people.

Study examples of impactful sound projection and how it has the power to change frequencies on a planetary level and make a historical imprint.
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How our Program Works

  • Once you enroll, you'll receive an email with a direct link for easy access.
  • Each class will be recorded live on zoom. Replays will be available if student cannot attend live.
  • The course consists of three 1 hour classes, (class number 1 in the sound course will be 2 hours) which will be taught in a one-directional format but will include a real-time chat feature for interaction. 
  • The fourth class will be dedicated to a live Q&A session, allowing participants to seek clarifications and delve deeper into the topics discussed.

What to Expect In Your Sound Current Journey

- 01

Enhanced Perception and Understanding of Sound Current:

Participants will delve deep into the essence of sound current, exploring its profound impact and meaning, and learning how it influences perceptions, emotions, and interactions, allowing for a richer, more nuanced understanding of its role and significance.
- 02

Strategic Integration of Sound in Communication:

This course will empower participants to strategically integrate sound to convey messages more effectively, whether it be in personal interactions or broader communications, enhancing the resonance and impact of their expressions and contributing to more meaningful connections.
- 03

Heightened Awareness and Mindfulness:

Participants will develop a heightened awareness of the vibrational energies of sound and how they interact with different chakras, fostering a more mindful and intentional approach to using sound in various aspects of their lives and professions.
- 04

Deeper Insight into Sound and Its Influences:

Participants will gain a more profound understanding of the intricacies of sound current, learning how it can be used to influence and engage, and how it resonates with different chakras and energies, allowing for more mindful and intentional use of sound in various aspects of life and business.

What Others Have Said About Their Journey

Do not hesitate, join immediately. Vanessa is one of the best, most beautiful, knowledgeable, amazing teachers. If you are ready for a deep dive into all things possible, join immediately.

Denise T

Your sound current can literally change your entire existence essentially. With me teaching pilates- If you are able to put yourself out there and be an incredible instructor and have a strong sound current, people are going to want to come to your class and that is what makes your different, and that is with everything in your life. It almost like simplifies things, it's not an easy thing to do, but its like shit if I can do that everything else is going to get a hell of a lot easier.

Mary P

My takeaway is to really embrace my life now and moving forward, and my voice and all the things I need to say, what I am bringing to this planet and the work I am doing, and the love that I need to spread. All the things. It is all consolidating at this moment, moving forward. We try to dumb ourselves down, we try to lessen our power. What is your message that you are coming into the world with? Bring your power, bring your energy.

Tricia H

I have received several DM’s where people will say “I can feel your energy, but you're on mute. Like I am just reading your captions and watching you talk and I can feel it in my body." And I know that really happens when I am really passionate about what it is I am talking about.

Paige L

I realized where I am supposed to go from here, and how big my responsibility is here on earth. Now I really understand why everything has happened the way it has happened. I am owning all of my power right now, and realizing how important it is that every time I go live - to say what I want to say and not dim my light anymore.

Leilani M

Mind Blowing! What I realized most importantly is that I have gone through my entire life, 58 years only hearing with my ears. I didn't know I could listen with my whole body until today.
That is such a gift, that changes everything. 
It's not so much what you want to do, but who you need to be to do those things. I need to be someone incredibly confident.

Julia S

Everything is energy. I have been on this spiritual path for quite some time & when you get into your power, you come from your heart and you engage in all these things. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Maria G

The series was very eye opening for me. It made me realize that most of the time I operate from a place of fear. I just think I can do better, and operate from a place of confidence, power, and all of the good stuff. I am ready to step forward and claim my power.

Lili M

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