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To kick off the inaugural month of The Starseed Collective Membership, we are launching our weekly blog posts that touch on the goings-on in the community and what we are digging into! You can follow along with our Starseed sisters… or come and join us in the collective to learn even more!

 Kundalini Yoga is a beautiful ancient practice that dates back thousands of years. It’s the science of posture, breath, and sound medicine — strengthening your nervous and glandular systems and leaving you feeling more calm, relaxed and clear.
Incorporating other modalities to support your journey can be incredibly beneficial to your practice! Harnessing the life-giving elements of the Earth and the Universe with the energy of crystals can have healing powers on the mind, body, and soul. Incorporating crystals and gemstones is a fun and easy way to boost the power of your yoga and meditation practice.

We also live in greater awareness and intention with astrological guidance. Feel spiritually fortified with an energy system that guides our human journeys and connects us to higher levels of consciousness and understanding… and that helps us organize and make sense of our world. Astrology gifts us with a higher perception of the energies we are experiencing and helps guide us forward. 

At the Starseed Collective, we choose specific crystal energy that best supports both our Kundalini practice and the celestial event occurring throughout the month… and we do a deep dive to awaken and connect you to the divine energy within yourself. Our crystal for February is the Pink Lemurian. These stones are amazing for use in personal development; they allow you to find deeper connections by calming overthinking, removing old emotional debris from your heart, and giving wisdom to unrealistic expectations in matters of love. 

What does your February astrology calendar say for 2022? Conjunctions, planetary returns and a fun new moon await!
This week the New Moon in Aquarius, and is also the Chinese New Year of the Tiger. At the beginning of the month, the new moon will make us extra appreciative of our rarest qualities. This new moon's energy is going to be all about being innovative and embracing the parts that make us unique! Our Crystal for this month is Pink Lemurian, and is supportive of this new energy of change and renewal. 

Stay tuned next week, when we will chat more about what’s coming up with celestial energies, and how you can use lemurian for guidance.
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